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ETM is a Belgian development organisation, without any political, religious or governmental ties, and focused on the child. We strive for a world where all children can fully develop their creativity and work in respect of human dignity.

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Our main objective is to provide children in the poorest regions of the world with new prospects for the future. To this end, we implement and support sustainable projects that fundamentally improve their living conditions.


SOLPE: 4 shelter centre for street children in Kinshasa (DRC)

Following the principle of "Leave No One Behind", we target the most vulnerable and excluded children and young people, whose basic rights are violated on a daily basis, as well as their families and members of their entire community. Street children, orphans, underage prostitutes and girl mothers, abused, raped, mistreated, rejected, victims of conflict or trafficking, or accused of witchcraft, sick or handicapped, they find in our reception centres shelter, food and medical care, but also, and above all and above all, personalised support for their reintegration into their families and training for their reintegration into society.

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Bacolod - Virlanie Faith : a new life for 30 disabled children at the eco-farm

The NGO Virlanie Foundation, founded in 1992 by the Frenchman Dominique Lemay, is helping the many street children of Manila. ETM has been working with this partner for many years. Since some years, an ecological farm was built on the island of Negros in favor of approx. 30 disables children with special needs. The first residential is completely finished, but not equiped yet. in order to receive as soon as possible the beneficiaries. Beds, tabels and chairs, cupboards, fridge, stove, kitchen materials, blankets...should be bought. Salamat Po !

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Izimanga ze Africa: mentorship for young entrepreneurs from townships

Izimanga ze Africa (wonders of Africa) is a South African non-profit company founded in March 2022 by one Belgian and two South Africans. Its objective is to support young entrepreneurs from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the development and launch of their projects through a unique mentorship program. 

Your contribution will allow the smooth running of the mentorship program, including the organisation of an adventure and leadership camp, run a yearly summit for mentees and mentors and financially support young entrepreneurs.

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La Casa Oaxaca

Soutenir la scolarité des enfants et des jeunes de la région de Pochutla par le soutien économique pour la poursuite de leurs études Participation de jeunes de villages fort isolés à des ateliers artistiques en partenariat avec un musée de Oaxaca.

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