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Scientific research to collect data

Nov 1, 2021

Our first objective for the coming seasons is to define in greater detail the frequency, distribution and structure of the whale shark population present in Nosy Be in order to establish a standardised database listing all individuals observed in the area. The data collected will serve as a basis for further research and will support the implementation of protection measures. To date, our data contributes to the extension of the Ankarea marine protected area. We collect standard sighting data with photo identification of each whale shark encountered while snorkelling from a motorboat, and sometimes take biopsies to study the diet, genetics and genomics of the population. To maximise our effort and presence at sea, the foundation has developed a volunteer programme and welcomes around ten volunteers each year, in partnership with local operators Les Baleines Rand'eau and Safari Baleine and local NGO MADA Megafauna. We also plan to install an acoustic tagging system in 2021 to better understand the movements and use of the area by whale sharks. By following this same approach, we could reliably determine whether the whale shark population in Nosy Be is present year-round, which would then be a strong argument for the implementation of habitat protection measures for the species in Madagascar.

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The guardians of the ocean

Sep 1, 2021

Since 2018, even during the crisis, our team continues to mobilise and raise awareness of the local communities about their environment. As the funding obtained in 2018 comes to an end, we are collecting donations in order to continue our partnerships and actions with young people and expand our action geographically.

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Capacity building for tourism operators

Jan 11, 2021

We wish to develop a community of ambassadors to promote and disseminate our charter of approach to the tourist community of Nosy Be for better management of marine activities and to help protect the species. In the long term our goal is to establish a protected area and contribute to the development of responsible tourism. We are addressing tourist operators who have an activity at sea in Nosy Be and in the neighbouring islands. We also attach importance to raising awareness among our clients, through our network of ambassadors we will be able to reach a larger number of people. We are planning the following activities: Establish local facilitators to help build a community transmitting the values and involving the community in the long term Recruiting future ambassadors through our network or by canvassing directly on the beach Develop a partnership with the Nosy Be tourist office and set up an accreditation to promote the project Provide regular training sessions on approach techniques, managing clients at sea, safety, species to be protected and the impact of man on the ocean, with certification at the end.

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Support our 2022 season

Jun 1, 2022

Here we are! Finally, we are going back to Madagascar in August to continue our work. After more than two years, we have to replace a lot of equipment, as well as take care of many expenses, including the rental and fuel of a research boat. Thank you so much in advance for giving us a helping hand in time for this year's season!

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