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Connecting godparents with our youth

Jan 3, 2021

After obtaining refugee status, MENAs often suffer from loneliness. They have to leave the center, deal with a lot of administrative procedures and go live alone. For the young people we accompany, we propose a mentor or a mentoring family in order to strengthen their ties in Belgium and to allow them to become truly anchored.

This rich intercultural exchange, which lasts at least one year, requires a real involvement of the teams. Funding would allow us to ensure the preparation of more "matches" as well as their follow-up throughout the process.

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Supply and management of our solidarity grocery store

Jan 3, 2021

Youth who express the need have access to a stock of foodstuffs in the offices of Mentor-Escale. Your support allows us to finance the regular supply of this small free grocery shop, its maintenance and its daily management.

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Collective entertainments with the youths

Mar 1, 2021

A cooking workshop, a walk in the forest, an expedition to the sea or a residential camp in Belgium are all opportunities for the youth to express themselves, to reflect, to develop their self-esteem, to learn to function with other youth from different countries and cultures,... Each collective activity aims to help the youth become active, critical, responsible and supportive citizens.

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