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Socio-cultural activities in French as a foreign language for Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Jan 3, 2021

Most of the Unaccompanied Migrant Children placed in foster families or living on their own but in a relationship with a sponsoring family are, for the most part, allophone. French is not their mother tongue and they encounter a number of difficulties in learning this national language at both academic and personal levels.
Learning a foreign language is not easy and mastering it requires targeted work. Moreover, the French language is linked to the culture of our country. By learning it, they can integrate more the particularities of Belgium . This is why Mentor Jeunes organises workshops (French as a Foreign Language) to help these young people learning French.

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Moments of exchange and sharing for foster families

Jan 3, 2021

Every year, Mentor Jeunes organises meetings dedicated to the families hosting unaccompanied foreign minors. These meetings take place approximately every three months and provide a space for exchanges.
Over a drink, around a meal, or during training sessions, these moments allow families to share their experiences and their feelings.
We also work with foster families by organising more formative days during which workshops, training sessions and conferences are held. By this way, Mentor Jeunes tries to provide each member of the family with the best possible tools for welcoming MENA.

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Collective entertainments for the youths living in foster families

Jan 3, 2021

Mentor Jeunes proposes fun and cultural activities for young people living in foster families. A visit to a museum, an exhibition, a cooking workshop, a bike ride, an excursion to the sea or a residential camp in Belgium allow children and teenagers living with foster families to meet other young people of their age. But also to get a change of scenery, to step back, to have new experiences and above all to develop their self-esteem, to exchange with other young people living in host families and coming from different countries.

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