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Minority groups • Endangered species • Cultural heritage

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Assessing the status of small tamaraw populations in Mindoro with camera traps

The tamaraw, or Mindoro dwarf buffalo, is a critically endangered species restricted to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. There are only a few known isolated populations scattered across the island. Their conservation status remains unclear and requires to be updated in order to adopt and adapt the best conservation measures. This project, which is part of a larger socio-environmental program, aims at using camera trap technology in order to assess one of these small subpopulations and thus, to assist local stakeholders in selecting the most appropriate strategy of intervention. 20 camera traps will be deployed in the field according to a specific design and will undergo five consecutive monthly movements in order to accumulate a total of 100 positions. This project will also help to improve links with the local indigenous communities living in the area, thus facilitating their integration in the future conservation efforts.

Examples of what D'ABOVILLE Foundation and Demo Farm can do with your donation:

Compensation for one fieldwork mission of our local liaison officer in charge (coordination with rangers, coordination with local indigenous communities, management of the sim cards, coordination with our DAF Tamaraw Research Officer...)

Cost of one sack of rice of 50kg required to conduct one mission of 10 days in the field (movement of camera traps, rapid habitat assessment, collect of sim cards and rechargeable batteries, consultation with residing indigenous communities...)

Cost of purchase of food supply for one field mission (shift of position of all the camera traps) for 10 people during 10 days (local field team and porters).

Overall cost of one field mission of 10 days (logistic, food supply, porters, per diem of local team and rangers…)

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